• Formule Lemans 2009 - Présentation

    Formule lemans

    This Formula is organised by the “Automobile Club de l’Ouest” in partnership with Oreca.

    The A.C.O (Automobile Club de l’Ouest), the organiser of the most famous endurance race in the world, also
    promotes the Le Mans name on all the continents with proven success.

    Oreca is a racing car manufacturer and championship organizer specialised in endurance racing.
    Oreca and the A.C.O have combined their know-how to create a very attractive endurance promotion Formula.
    Formula Le Mans: the quickest path to the Le Mans 24 hours Formula Le Mans is the best and most effi cient way to access endurance racing, the Le Mans Series and the Le Mans 24 hours. Formula Le Mans will give young drivers and gentlemen drivers the opportunity to cut their teeth in the world of prototype racing.

    An LM P2-derived prototype The Formula Le Mans car is a real Le Mans prototype whose design and performance will enable the drivers to learn thespecifi c skills required for this type of racing.
    The Formula Le Mans prototype has been designed to provide a car that combines advanced technology and highperformance with rigorous cost control.

    A dynamic CUP, in 2009, linked to famouseventsThe Formula Le Mans Cup will be part of the Le Mans Series supporting events (as well as at an internationalrace) guaranteeing maximum interest from both spectatorsand media at each round.



    Type LMP.
    Carbonfi bre/honeycomb monocoque.


    6200 cc V8.
    480 bhp.
    Max revs 6000 rpm.
    Dry sump.
    Oil/water intercooler


    Engine Control Unit.
    Data acquisition system.
    Dashboard with multi channel display.


    Light lamination.


    Six-speed sequential Xtrac gearbox.
    Assisted gearchange system.
    Steering wheel-mounted paddle shift.
    Limited slip differential.
    Tripod drive shafts.


    Double steel wisbones with pushrod.
    Rocker arms driving spring damper units.
    Machined aluminium uprights.


    Rack and pinion steering.
    Hydraulic power steering.


    Ventilated carbon discs.
    Monobloc callipers.
    Adjustable brake balance.


    Aluminium rims.
    Centre locking wheel nut.


    Air jack system.
    Six-point harness adapted for Hans system.
    Safety rubber fuel tank.


    Six 2-race meetings per year:
    > 5 meetings as supporting events
    to the LMS rounds.
    > 1 meeting as a supporting event
    to an international race.
    One 4-hour endurance event at the end
    of the season.
    13 races during the year (the calendar will be
    published at the end of September).

    Meeting Programme:

    1 free practice session.
    2 qualifying sessions.
    2 one-hour races with one compulsory pit stop.
    1 compulsory driver change during each race.


    2 drivers per car.
    Juniors drivers, well known drivers,
    gentlemen drivers.

    Additional Procedures:

    Engines and certain mechanical
    components will be sealed.
    A single offi cial tyre manufacturer.
    A limited number of sets of tyres
    per meeting.
    A limited number of private test sessions
    scheduled by the organizer.

    Back-Up Service:

    A spare parts sales service will be
    provided at the circuits.
    Technical back-up will also be provided
    at the circuits.


     3-5 April : Barcelonne (Spain)
     8-10 May : Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium)
     13-14 June : Le Mans (France)
      31 july -1-2 August : Algarve(Portugal)
      28-30 august : Nurburing(Germany)
      11-13 September : Silverstone(England)
      October :  Long Distance Race      TBN



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